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CosmosUp | October 16, 2021

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Why You Must Leave Religion Behind

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Reason: Religion Is Behind Many Conflicts, Large And Small

If religiosity is the key to the understanding of human nature and our place in the Universe (or wherever we are), then this is particularly troubling to the skeptic. Yes, “Why does God let bad things happen?” is a well-worn and simplistic argument, but the fact of the existence of numerous bloody religious conflicts throughout history—including those between differing sects of Christianity—combined with the aforementioned Biblical references to the many types of offenders that should be put to death, cannot simply be waved away.

Not only is killing for any reason obviously morally wrong, but there’s a direct conflict with the First Commandment, the Christian doctrine of turning the other cheek, and the simple truth that religion and politics—that other great cause of violent conflict—should not be mixed.

The very phrase “King James Bible” is suspicious to the skeptic, as it implies government involvement in the interpretation of religious doctrine, and even the founders of the US thought enough of the issue to include the tenet of separation of church and state within the establishing documents of the nation.

But the ability of faith to transform a political moderate into a radical cannot be overstated—and the ability of governments to use said faith to their own ends is easy to see, as it continues to this day.Many in the US think of religious radicals as those of other religions—alien religions with weird beliefs that make their followers do crazy things, but the truth is that there are radicals of practically every religious affiliation—and that there is no killer more determined than the one who believes with all their heart that God wants them to kill.

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  1. Scott

    The vast majority of those who profess being Christian in the US have never read one page of their Bible. Thus, they have no idea that they believe a Bronze and Iron Age myth, codified by two councils of men centuries after the events took place. Those men decided was was and wasn’t canon, which is why the Bible is a hodgepodge of mismatched concepts, notions and is an outright mess. Read it. You’ll see for yourself. Those same people have no idea that the ‘gospel’ stories that are attributed to 4 people were, in fact, NOT written by those people, and were written generations AFTER said events took place. They were not eyewitness accounts. The vast majority of those who demand that you and I believe their religion have no idea that the Bible is an extremely well-documented collection of deaths, murders, rapes, pogroms, and fairy tales about a tribal genocidal Jewish deity invented, by people who lived in tents at first, then mud walled cities later on. Science didn’t exist then. Electricity didn’t exist then. Our culture didn’t exist then. The Americas were entirely unknown to those people. In other words, we are not tribal Jews. We don’t live in the Bronze Age. We don’t live in the Iron Age. We are Westerners, who have had a foundation built from the Age of Science and the Age of Enlightenment. WE KNOW BETTER. Your invisible Bronze Age deity is a figment of zealots’ imaginations. It doesn’t exist and the tales surrounding it are MYTHS.

  2. Jesus

    Tenéis pobres conocimientos de filosofía, teología e historia. Antes de opinar hay que leer mucho, sobretodo si se quiré hacer una reflexión que parezca dada por un científico. Sólo recordaros que la ciencia descansa en las aportaciones de numerosos cristianos, que aún renegando de su fe, fueron educados por sus padres, abuelos, tíos, casi todos ellos cristianos. Opinar, adoctrinar, criticar es fácil, incluso para mí, pero razonar de manera constructiva es más difícil. Ánimo, la próxima vez lo harás mejor!!

  3. Jesus

    Este cacharro se inventa palabras!!

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