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CosmosUp | October 16, 2021

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Why You Must Leave Religion Behind

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Modern Values
Holy Bible

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Reason: The Bible Doesn’t Line Up With Modern Values

The Bible is, obviously, an extremely old text with dozens of interpretations throughout the centuries. The term Christian itself is a rather a blanket term for a dizzying array of belief systems, very few of whom are in complete agreement as to how the Bible should be interpreted—or even in what context specific passages should be taken.

Atheists do have trouble reconciling that the Word Of God, infallible as it should be, would be so open to such wildly varying interpretations—but what they have more trouble with are the passages in the Bible that clearly have absolutely no bearing on any sane, modern system of beliefs and morals.

Most are aware of the passages that provide for the keeping of slaves, the wanton murder of homosexuals and adulterers, the selling of children and other such things which have no place in civilized society, let alone in texts that are considered to be holy.

Yes, these things were common 2,000 years ago, but that’s the point—that these do not appear to be the suggestions and guidance of an all-knowing and loving God, but rather of men—not prophets, just men, who were very much of their time. An omnipotent God would have demonstrated an understanding of basic human rights long before we humans got around to realizing, for instance, that slavery is wrong. This limited understanding of historical context works backwards as well as you will see in this next item:

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  1. Scott

    The vast majority of those who profess being Christian in the US have never read one page of their Bible. Thus, they have no idea that they believe a Bronze and Iron Age myth, codified by two councils of men centuries after the events took place. Those men decided was was and wasn’t canon, which is why the Bible is a hodgepodge of mismatched concepts, notions and is an outright mess. Read it. You’ll see for yourself. Those same people have no idea that the ‘gospel’ stories that are attributed to 4 people were, in fact, NOT written by those people, and were written generations AFTER said events took place. They were not eyewitness accounts. The vast majority of those who demand that you and I believe their religion have no idea that the Bible is an extremely well-documented collection of deaths, murders, rapes, pogroms, and fairy tales about a tribal genocidal Jewish deity invented, by people who lived in tents at first, then mud walled cities later on. Science didn’t exist then. Electricity didn’t exist then. Our culture didn’t exist then. The Americas were entirely unknown to those people. In other words, we are not tribal Jews. We don’t live in the Bronze Age. We don’t live in the Iron Age. We are Westerners, who have had a foundation built from the Age of Science and the Age of Enlightenment. WE KNOW BETTER. Your invisible Bronze Age deity is a figment of zealots’ imaginations. It doesn’t exist and the tales surrounding it are MYTHS.

  2. Jesus

    Tenéis pobres conocimientos de filosofía, teología e historia. Antes de opinar hay que leer mucho, sobretodo si se quiré hacer una reflexión que parezca dada por un científico. Sólo recordaros que la ciencia descansa en las aportaciones de numerosos cristianos, que aún renegando de su fe, fueron educados por sus padres, abuelos, tíos, casi todos ellos cristianos. Opinar, adoctrinar, criticar es fácil, incluso para mí, pero razonar de manera constructiva es más difícil. Ánimo, la próxima vez lo harás mejor!!

  3. Jesus

    Este cacharro se inventa palabras!!

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