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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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Why You Must Leave Religion Behind

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Regular readers of our site know that it is the purpose of Cosmosup to inform, entertain, and occasionally spark (ideally) healthy debate. We publish material from many different authors of widely varying backgrounds, and as such, are able to present articles on a huge variety of subjects containing myriad points of view. Since you read the title of the article, you may see where we’re going with this.

It is not our purpose to belittle the beliefs of others, nor to declare any one point of view on such a dense and divisive topic as religion to be the correct one. We assume that our readers are intelligent, well-informed, and capable of thinking for themselves, and that is the end of this disclaimer. 


Messiah Story

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Reason: The Messiah Story Has Been Around For Thousands Of Years

It should be noted that the idea of a divine savior of the human race is practically as old as the human race itself, and has resurfaced continually, echoing throughout our culture for thousands of years. That it continues to be a theme of popular works today is no surprise, but there exists a bitter debate over whether many or most of the major elements of the story of Jesus Christ were co-opted from other sources—some that originated hundreds or even thousands of years before Jesus.

The general assertion by the skeptical is that all of these elements—the virgin birth, significance of the solstices, the miracles, disciples, baptism, crucifixion, resurrection—along with many even more specific elements like Heaven and Hell, the soul, holy communion and others, were all seen before in multiple ancient pagan religions.

Many Christians contend that these similarities are a distortion, or the result of ancient records being taken out of context or simply being inaccurate; atheists similarly will point out that practically all ancient records are of questionable accuracy to some degree, including those non-Christian references to the historicity of Jesus.

Modern scholars can only agree on two things about Jesus: that he was baptized, and that he was crucified on the order of Pontius Pilate. All of the other details are disputed by some group of scholars or another, and an examination of the ancient pagan religions predating Jesus—those surrounding Horus, Mithra, Dionysus, Krishna and many others—yields an astounding number of similarities that cannot be explained away as coincidence. These stories seem to be a part of ancient Mediterranean culture, which leads us to the fact that . . .

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  1. Scott

    The vast majority of those who profess being Christian in the US have never read one page of their Bible. Thus, they have no idea that they believe a Bronze and Iron Age myth, codified by two councils of men centuries after the events took place. Those men decided was was and wasn’t canon, which is why the Bible is a hodgepodge of mismatched concepts, notions and is an outright mess. Read it. You’ll see for yourself. Those same people have no idea that the ‘gospel’ stories that are attributed to 4 people were, in fact, NOT written by those people, and were written generations AFTER said events took place. They were not eyewitness accounts. The vast majority of those who demand that you and I believe their religion have no idea that the Bible is an extremely well-documented collection of deaths, murders, rapes, pogroms, and fairy tales about a tribal genocidal Jewish deity invented, by people who lived in tents at first, then mud walled cities later on. Science didn’t exist then. Electricity didn’t exist then. Our culture didn’t exist then. The Americas were entirely unknown to those people. In other words, we are not tribal Jews. We don’t live in the Bronze Age. We don’t live in the Iron Age. We are Westerners, who have had a foundation built from the Age of Science and the Age of Enlightenment. WE KNOW BETTER. Your invisible Bronze Age deity is a figment of zealots’ imaginations. It doesn’t exist and the tales surrounding it are MYTHS.

  2. Jesus

    Tenéis pobres conocimientos de filosofía, teología e historia. Antes de opinar hay que leer mucho, sobretodo si se quiré hacer una reflexión que parezca dada por un científico. Sólo recordaros que la ciencia descansa en las aportaciones de numerosos cristianos, que aún renegando de su fe, fueron educados por sus padres, abuelos, tíos, casi todos ellos cristianos. Opinar, adoctrinar, criticar es fácil, incluso para mí, pero razonar de manera constructiva es más difícil. Ánimo, la próxima vez lo harás mejor!!

  3. Jesus

    Este cacharro se inventa palabras!!

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