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CosmosUp | October 16, 2021

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Why is the Future so Scary?

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Peak Oil

There will come a point when the production of oil in the world reaches its highest point after which it will fall drastically. This is Peak Oil.

No matter how many articles try to convince people that it can be thwarted, the fact is that oil supplies are an exhaustible resource. Peak Oil cannot be averted and the question on everyone’s mind is when the event will take place.

Even though millions have been spent on developing the alternative energy sources, they are still nowhere as efficient as the oil industry. Moreover, petroleum is integral to many economies and it means that Peak Oil has the potential to collapse the global economy.

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  1. sue phi

    funny thing…. everything listed is pretty much avoidable by adaptation and caused by human activity.
    agriculture causes the conditions that destroy it (creation of arable farmland is a genocidal practice on all levels and leads directly to desertification), increased food supply causes increased population growth= more starvation due to non-adaptability of standard practices that aren’t in tune with weather patterns and cycles (natural law at work, humans aren’t excluded and attempting to design reality to meet abstract needs of one species is insanely violent towards all life), pandemics caused by urbanization and unnatural raw material cycles and treatment of them with disregard to natural cycles and sustainability, extremism in philosophical outlooks due to humans attempting to mitigate the insanity and mental illness caused by being civilized and not living in harmony with the natural world – an attempt to make excuses and abstract reasons for entropic and destructive behavior, and on, and on. yet everyone wants to play victim and act like it is not the fault of their own decisions and failure to question the overall cultural programming which is destroying the world. lets get beyond being civilized and get on with whatever comes next, please.

    • John Morrison

      Well said Sue! Glad to see you and I are at least we’ll educated on the future crisis we are facing! Lots of trolls about on here. What are they doing here if they don’t believe the science! Staggering.

  2. Bill

    I stopped reading as soon as the global warming crap was mentioned. If the temperatures are warming, then you should have plenty of FOOD to grow and eat – you really have to worry about global cooling, which is what seems to be REALLY happening.

    • Kevin

      You are the dumbest person I’ve seen on the internet today. Congratulations!

      • Bob

        You are the most obnoxious person I’ve seen on the Internet today. Congratulations!

    • John Morrison

      You are an idiot! It is getting warmer, all the data shows that!!!
      If it gets too warm, plants, including trees die! It’s that simple. The oceans die above 1 to 1.5deg C. No more fish! You need to stop getting your info from YouTube. Learn a little science!

  3. Paris

    You guys are so rude. Is anyone allowed to have an opinion without someone having a mean comment about it?

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