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CosmosUp | July 7, 2020

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What Traits would have an Alien Race?

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They Won’t Eat Humans

What if they want to feed on us? While a scary thought, it’s unlikely. A race advanced enough to achieve space travel surely will have conquered its need to prey on living animals. The journey to earth from any potentially life-supporting planet is incredibly long, and for any species to attempt it they would have to have sustainable food production methods already in place.

Further, the digestive setup of a creature that evolved in a different sector of the universe is not very likely to be compatible with the kinds of proteins found on our planet. It would be inconceivable that the minimal nourishment resources found on our planet would ever justify the energy spent to obtain it. An alien race would already be adept at harnessing energy by that point. So we won’t be cattle.

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  1. Brad Arnold

    The only thing I’ll add is that they probably will be governed by general rules of behavior. One might be to preserve uniqueness in the universe. In other words, the universe has ubiquitous resources, whereas uniqueness is by definition special. Why destroy uniqueness to slightly more efficiently harvest resources?

  2. Brad Arnold

    On a different note: I’ve been intrigued by the concept of exponential production. Land a 3D printer, and equipment to produce toner from an exoplanet, then print more 3D printers and equipment to grow production exponentially. Same for the Singularity – build a thinking machine that builds a better thinking machine and so forth. What is the great filter preventing aliens from doing the same and spreading throughout the universe rapidly?

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