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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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UFO Sighting: Human Skull Found in Mars

UFO Sighting: Human Skull Found in Mars

In the recent past, a lot of unusual features are rportedly being noticed in Mars. The latest to join the numerous other things that have been allegedly found is an alien skull that looked like it was buried in Martian sand.

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The image was reportedly taken by the panoramic camera on the Spirit rover in the planet a few years ago, but gained notice recently after the Paranormal Crucible website posted a YouTube video of the image with digital alterations to make it look even more like a skull.
A NASA photograph of what looks like a human skull lying on the surface of Mars could be alien bones, UFO. Or is the story just another hoax?

A NASA photograph of what looks like a human skull lying on the surface of Mars could be alien bones, UFO. Or is the story just another hoax?

While most critics will argue that the structure in the image is most likely a rock which somewhat appears to look like a skull in the Martian soil, the blog (UFO Sightings Daily) claims otherwise, even going as far as digitally adding “teeth and [a] lower nostril bone” to show how the specifics could fit in.

“Right away this object in the photo just grabs you. An alien skull with the jaw bone missing or buried below it,” the blog posted on Wednesday. “You can make out the nasal cavity and the two eye sockets without any trouble. You can even make out the ridge above the eye sockets.”

“It’s hard to believe that the rover just passes on by without a second look, but hey, they are not there to discover life, but actually there to distract humanity and show an effort. This way…satisfying human curiosity. Are you…satisfied? I’m not.”

However, lack of solid scientific verification and a dearth of enough evidence leave the piece of ‘skeleton’ to be just another unsolved Martian mystery.

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  1. David Reneke

    WHY do you constantly run these ridiculous stories about “fossilised creatures” on Mars …now a “Humaonoid Skull” is shown with a moronic video adding commentary in support of the “mystery.” Anyone can see these are just rocks seen under unusual lighting condition. You also keep quoting your source as UFO Sightings Daily run by the world’s biggest conspiracy theorist who sees spaceships and aliens in almost anything he can find photographed. You have an interesting website and run some really good stories- why support this dill and his equally stupid clIaims?

    • TheGiant

      @David Reneke ~~ CosmosUp’ is a news’ website (astronomy/space news site). This story appeared in over almost “all” astronomy’ niche websites so if cosmosup published this story (like so) it’s not mean that they believe/or not in such things…. We decide what we need to believe. It’s just another conspiracy theory 😀

    • John J

      It is a rock, or an alien with a broken nose lol. See how the skull and eye sockets are appear in the right place? Look at the nasal cavity.

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