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CosmosUp | May 8, 2021

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Top 5 Most Habitable Alien Planets

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KOI 736.01
1,750 light-years away

  KOI is short for “Kepler object of interest,” and many possible planets fall under this designation. One promising habitable alien planet is KOI 736.01.

There’s just one problem; it’s a whopping 1,750 light-years away from Earth. This planet has 1.28 times the mass of the Earth and is almost exactly the same size. The main difference is that it has an orbital period around its sun of just 19 days! Because it’s so far away, it’s hard to gather more specific information on this mysterious planet.

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  1. Ella

    I am doing a project for school and your web sight says that this planet gliese is 1750 light years away from earth but at the bottom of the web sight is a link to read more on the planet and if you click that the info on that page says it is only about 20 light years away, that is a really big difference! so which is it, 1750 or 20?

  2. Misty

    I love space
    I’m interested at working at nasa

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