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CosmosUp | August 14, 2022

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Top 5 Most Habitable Alien Planets

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Astronomers have found more than 1000 planets beyond our solar system, and thousands more await confirmation by follow-up observations. Many of these alien worlds are too hot or too cold to support life as we know it, but researchers have found a few that appear to be much more hospitable. So, Here’s a brief rundown of the best candidates. 


Gliese 581g
20 light-years a way

  Gliese 581g is a possibly habitable planet that was detected by a group of astronomers in 2010 and is nicknamed “Zarmina.” This unconfirmed planet orbits a red dwarf star that is only 22 light-years away from Earth! It has a mass of approximately 3.1 to 4.3 times that of the Earth, which puts it under the category of “super-Earth.” This planet sits perfectly in the “Goldilocks Zone,” so there is a high possibility of liquid water and, therefore, life.

Gliese 581g has at least four, and possibly five, planetary neighbors. The team that spotted Gliese 581g also detected another planet, known as 581f, circling much farther away from the star. But scientists are still arguing about that world’s existence, too. More information about the planet:

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  1. Ella

    I am doing a project for school and your web sight says that this planet gliese is 1750 light years away from earth but at the bottom of the web sight is a link to read more on the planet and if you click that the info on that page says it is only about 20 light years away, that is a really big difference! so which is it, 1750 or 20?

  2. Misty

    I love space
    I’m interested at working at nasa

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