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CosmosUp | October 3, 2022

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Top 5 Interesting Things About Our Solar System

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We’re Surrounded By Black Holes

Black holes come in several varieties. First, there are stellar-mass black holes—the most common type—which form when massive stars collapse. This occurs when a star no longer has the necessary hydrogen for nuclear fusion, causing it to resort to burning helium. This causes the star to become unstable, resulting in one of two scenarios: contraction into a neutron star or collapse into a black hole.
Eventually, many of these black holes merge, combining to form a supermassive black hole, and our galaxy—like millions of others—orbits a central supermassive black hole.
Another type of black hole, called a micro black hole, might bombard Earth constantly. These tiny, atom-like singularities can theoretically be produced in particle accelerator collisions when proton beams are slammed together at near-light speed.

There’s need to worry though. In most cases, they evaporate immediately without doing any damage. Even if they didn’t, it would still take a significantly longer time than the universe’s current age for a micro black hole to consume a single atom of matter, let alone an object with as much mass as Earth.


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