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CosmosUp | May 25, 2022

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Top 5 Fascinating Scientific Phenomenon

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Quantum Entanglement

 We’ve heard it since at least sixth grade: “Space is a vacuum, and vacuums are empty, so space is empty!” For the most part this is correct. But once again, quantum physics just has to be different, and so we get phenomena like the Quantum Foam.

Down at the Planck Length (1.61619926×10−35 meters, the smallest length we can see down to), spacetime starts looking like a hallucination of someone tripping on massive amounts of LSD. Stuff literally just pops into existence for a millionth of a fraction of a second and disappears.

Black holes; wormholes; particles and their antimatter analogues appear out of nothing and then collide with each other and annihilate; baby universes (which our universe might have started off as).

But how? Turns out that down at the Planck Length, the Uncertainty Principle allows energy to change into particles and their antiparticle analogue.


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