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CosmosUp | August 14, 2022

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Top 5 Fascinating Scientific Phenomenon

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The world is full of mysteries, and not everything can be explained by science. Here are 5 Mind Blowing scientific phenomenon that will screw your mind.


The Quantum Zeno Effect

 Many of us have at least heard of radioactive decay. You have an unstable particle, such as the nucleus of Uranium. The Uranium nucleus is unstable, and so to reach a more stable, lower energy state, it splits into two smaller nuclei and releases some energy in the process. There’s no question about whether this will happen; it will decay.

Unless it doesn’t… Enter the Quantum Zeno Effect. It seems that radioactive particles get stage fright just like us humans. Jokes aside, this is a really weird occurrence.

By observing the system before it decays, you essentially freeze time for the particle, causing it to stay in its original state. This is the equivalent of taking photos of your child so much that she doesn’t age, or staring at last night’s turkey dinner so that it doesn’t go bad.

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