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CosmosUp | July 9, 2020

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Top 5 Captivating Facts About Earthquakes

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The Quake Island

On the morning of September 24, 2013, a 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Balochistan, Pakistan. This was followed shortly by the appearance of a new island 2 kilometers (1.2 mi) off the coast of the city of Gwadar. The island, which was given the name Zalzala Jazeera (“The Quake Island”), is thought to be a mud volcano.

Despite the significant local and international attention it received, the island’s appearance wasn’t a surprise to some. Older residents of the coastal town recalled seeing an island that appeared in the same spot after a quake that shocked the coast in 1968.

Measuring 18 meters (60 ft) in height and over 175 meters (576 ft) in length, Zalzala Jazeera has become a popular tourist attraction in the region.

However, this might not last for long, as images taken by NASA Satellite has shown that the island has started to disappear back into the ocean.


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