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CosmosUp | March 28, 2020

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Top 10 Astronomy Myths

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Myths 8 – 10
Face On Mars

8. We have all heard of the dark side of the moon which often makes us presume that the moon is stationary, but in fact, the moon rotates just as Earth does – once for each orbit (to the observer). And, incidentally, the dark side of the moon is actually just the night side – it is no more a fixed feature of the moon than the night side of the Earth.

9. We have all seen the face on Mars but, despite much evidence to the contrary, many people still believe it is an alien creation. In the most recent flyby of Mars, NASA was able to get a much clearer picture (which you can see above). Those who still believe that it is a non-naturally made hill are suffering from pareidolia.

10. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun but, despite this, it is not the hottest. The planet with the highest mean surface temperature is actually Venus – a consequence of its mostly carbon-dioxide atmosphere.

Source: Listverse.

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  1. Gabriel

    The dark side of the moon is just the half of the moon that never faces Earth, it is not nessisarely the night side of the moon, unless it is in its full moon phase.

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