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CosmosUp | December 4, 2021

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Things You Never Knew About Space

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Things You Never Knew About Space

Space is big, really big. Some scientists estimate it may even be bigger than one direction. So, warm up: read the list of facts below and answer the following two questions.

Question 1– Which of the facts did you find most interesting?
Question 2– Which facts did you already know?

1. Exposed in Space

Ever wonder what would happen to your body if you were in Space without a spacesuit? Gases would expand in your lungs, moisture in your eyes and mouth would begin to boil, and then you would swell up, lose vision, turn blue, and get a sunburn. And it only takes 90 seconds for your body to feel the pain.

2. Water Spheres

Liquids in space shape themselves into spheres. How cool is that?

3. Welding in Space Slide

If you press two metals together in space, they will fuse together. As easy as building with Legos!

4. One Long Summer

Summer on Uranus lasts one long day equivalent to 42 Earth years. I think I would really miss the snow.

5. Wind in the Hair

Neptune is the windiest planet. Winds travel up to 1300 MPH. That’s blazing fast!

6. Massive Ball of Energy

What would happen if the Sun suddenly stopped producing energy? It would still take a whopping 50 million years for the effects to be felt on Earth.

7. Ancient Light Slide

The light hitting the Earth right now is 30 thousand years old. Amazing, isn’t it?

8. Freezing Cold

Mercury is closest to the sun, but temperatues can reach -280 degrees F. Why you ask? Mercury has no way to trap heat because it has almost no atmosphere, so the side away from the sun gets extremely cold.

9. Enjoy the Silence

There is no sound in space because there are no molecules to conduct it. If something explodes, there will just be silence.

10. Growing in Outer Space

Did you know you get taller in space?

11. We are not Alone

The Milky Way Galaxy is one of billions in space. Who knows what else is out there!




  1. these are not all accurate

    who wrote this bologna? some of these facts are completely false, or poorly worded.

    source: astrophysics major.

  2. Hunter Rose

    From whose ass were some of these pulled? I ain’t no rocket surgeon, but if it takes 8 minutes for the light from the Sun to reach us, then it sure the heck isn’t going to take ’50 million years’ for us to ‘feel the effects’. Within a week the surface of our planet would be a sheet of ice. Oh, and we’d all be dead.

    Metal ‘automatically’ welds in space? What?

    Please, stop. Just turn this site off and start a ‘make stuff up’ site.

    • Eric

      What they meant by the effects taking 50 million years is that even if the Sun stopped the nuclear reactions within it, the amount of energy remaining on the surface, and below, would still be there continuing to heat. It is like if you turn on an electric burner in the kitchen. After you turn it off, it still is hot to the touch for several minutes.

      And for the light being 30 thousand years old is due to the light created from the nuclear reactions deep within the sun take that long for it to pierce the surface of the sun to escape into space, and in our general direction.

  3. Eric

    Now, after answering the above questions, my problem lies within the first statement. Surviving in space without a pressurized suit is NOT impossible. You have only minutes, mind you, but you will suffocate from lack of oxygen long before any of the other effects would affect you.

  4. A guest

    Good grief, most of those things one covers in school. I hate the stereotypes “facts you never knew”, stop thinking people are ignorant!

    11. We are not Alone — is not a fact, it’s a hypothesis. No proof = not fact, sorry guys.

  5. Marts

    What a load of bull!! How can editors and publishes allow a complete disregard for fact??
    And as for admin get a new job or at least try out google

  6. Abdelkrim

    I believe most, if not all, of what has been written in the article is correct.

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