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CosmosUp | September 27, 2021

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The Most Famous Conspiracy Theories of All Time

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Space conspiracy theories make for great science fiction material. They have inspired a host of scripts in international cinema, novels, as also the formation of cults and communities of pseudoscience enthusiasts with ideologies based on supporting these theories. Without trying to prove or disprove them, let us dive into the paranoid and bizarre, but very intriguing realm of the most famous space conspiracy theories of all time. 


The Moon Landing Hoax

There’s a reason why this one tops this list. It was one of the most widely publicized and televised space exploration events in the history of mankind! The Hoax theory states that the entire moon landing adventure was one big fat lie thrown into the face of the world in the cold war era, purely to establish the United States as the ultimate superpower in space technology.

The conspiracy theory was televised years after the moon landing itself, on a popular US TV network. The moon landing conspiracy theory became an overnight sensation and has been the foundation stone for all future space conspiracy theories.

Every subsequent space odyssey and related events have been nitpicked by conspiracy theorists, who are generally convinced that most of them are heavily funded covert military experiments of secret government organizations.

If you look at the “evidence” put forth by conspiracy theorists, you are not likely to debunk them without detailed examination. They can be very convincing!

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