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CosmosUp | August 14, 2022

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The most Common False Conceptions about Islam

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Today there are many Westerners for whom Islam can be reduced to three ideas: fanaticism, fatalism and polygamy. Of course, there does exist a more cultivated public whose ideas about Islam are less deformed. Common misconceptions include that Muslims worship a moon-god, that Islam is oppressive against women, or that Islam is a faith that promotes violence. So, in the virtues of Ramadan’ month, we bust some misunderstandings and expose the true teachings of Islam. 


Muslims are Arabs
Misconception: All Muslims are Arabs

The common image of a Muslim is a turbaned dark Arab man with a long beard. However this image is part of the minority of Muslims.

Arabs make only 15% of the world’s Muslim population. As a matter of fact the Middle East comes in third with East Asia coming in at first (69%) and Africa (27%) coming in at second.

Another common misconception is that all Arabs are Muslims.

While the vast majority of Arabs are Muslims (75%), there are many other religions that Arabs practice including Christianity and Judaism.

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  1. akash

    some muslims believe in war-booty they use to kidnap girls and use them as their sex slaves….. do you not know what is going around the glob in Iraq, Iran , pakistan etc..

    • TheGiant

      We can’t judge the islam religion for the acts of some “muslims”…. as we can’t judge Christianity for acts of i.e criminals, psychopaths …etc .

  2. David Essex

    what the heck does this(Islam or religion in general) have to do with astronomy

    • TheGiant

      Most of the people think that there’s a link/links between religion and cosmos/space. On the other hand, Cosmosup provide a wide range of information (if you have not figured that yet)…. everything relate to cosmos (earth, people, even animals… etc) 😀
      @David Essex it’s just an argument don’t take it as personal.

      • David Essex

        I’m not taking it personal, i just recently started coming to this site and i thought it was just a good site to come and see about our universe, outside of the earth we live in, there are other web sites for drama like that. and I’m not opposed to a good curve ball, but everyone knows that a conversation like that is just asking for a fire of an argument. I just like to keep my interest separate sometimes, especially when it comes to topics like that.

  3. Matthew Bailey

    While these are misconceptions for HISTORIC Islam (or, in the case of Arabs, it is true even today, even though Arabs are predominantly an Islamic Culture – other Arab religious groups represent an insignificant population, especially since the advent of the Jihadi extremists who DO SEE JIHAD as a “War against the Infidel” and not much else.

    Most of these “misconceptions” apply to Islam as it existed hundreds, or even thousands of years ago.

    Modern Islam is in a period of turmoil, where the religion has been found to be terrifically suited to promoting extremist and terroristic behavior. And this is especially true among the Levantine and South Asian Muslim populations (The Arab, Urdu, Pashtun, etc…. Populations of the Middle East, and Persian Gulf regions).

    As for “not judging Islam by the acts of a few….”

    While this is true, what is problematic is that it ISN’T JUST A FEW MUSLIMS who hold to extremist beliefs or behavior, or who openly support terrorism.

    A Pew Research poll discovered that between 30% and 70% of the Muslim Populations of the Middle East and South Asia supported the beliefs and practices of Islamic Extremists, or that they themselves were such extremists.

    This puts the size of the Muslim Population that either is, or supports, Islamic Extremists as roughly equivalent to the population of the USA, on the small size, to that of the USA AND Europe on the upper end of the scale.

    That is no small population.

    And trying to compare Christian Extremists with Islamic Extremists is a false equivalence.

    For one, Western Society does not embrace and support Christian Extremists as a rule. We tend to marginalized such beliefs, ridiculing them as being primitive, barbaric, or ignorant.

    For another thing, the Christian Extremists represent an insignificant fringe population, and not a mainstream belief (even if that “mainstream belief” happens to be a minority – even if a significant minority, as it is in Islam).

    I understand the intent of the “article.” But it comes off as blind to contemporary reality.

    And… Progressives need to claim criticism of Islam, or Radical Islam, from Conservatives, who WOULD try to paint with both too broad a brush (labeling ALL Muslims as “bad”) AND who would base their criticisms entirely upon their own, usually equally repellent religious beliefs (even if those beliefs are publicly not quite as severe as Islamic Radicals).

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