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CosmosUp | August 14, 2022

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The Big Bang Theory (Video)

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The Big Bang Theory (Video)

The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation about how the universe began. At its simplest, it talks about the universe as we know it starting with a small singularity, then inflating over the next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos that we know today.

Because current instruments don’t allow astronomers to peer back at the universe’s birth, much of what we understand about the Big Bang Theory comes from mathematical theory and models. Astronomers can, however, see the “echo” of the expansion through a phenomenon known as the cosmic microwave background.

The phrase “Big Bang Theory” has been popular among astrophysicists for decades, but it hit the mainstream in 2007 when a comedy show with the same name premiered on CBS.


  1. Luiza

    The Theory of God particle is just a theory based on the religious aspect, an absolutely absurd, that it makes no sense not believe however that try to prove it.
    A good part of researchers speaks on this issue based on aspects and Biblical principles.
    Never believe that everything was created by God, for me this is a perfect nonsense, therefore I defend Scientists Evolutionists.
    I think the theory that many say with conviction that everything was Created by God, absolutely WRONG, there is no point becoming a completely absurd.
    This theory only based on Biblical aspects of all kinds, being used as a religious force, the existing religions on Earth.
    In my opinion the universe has always existed, lying constantly evolving Renewal, expanding even having the possibility of parallel universes. One possibility that should not be denied because Dr. Carl Sagan when he was alive made reference to this issue frequently in their research.
    I personally believe in the existence of parallel universes, something that should not be excluded from the investigation because believe is a very realistic thing.
    The discoveries that are being made now can demonstrate that my opinion can not be wrong and may even be a very credible fact.
    In my opinion religions whatever they are are a kind of dictatorship that most often denies insistently Scientific facts at all levels, even if they have evidence in front of Scientific facts, they deny them, which I consider one without logic, which in future will bring its consequences in Human consciousness sCIENCE nEVER SHOULD MIX WITH RELIGIOƕES.
    So I am against any religion whatever I feel good about this my thought, never accepted that science is mixed with religion, because it has no sense this mix because they are two completely different things, each has wends its way .
    My opinion would remain or is part of my thinking, I know that my thoughts will be with criticized by many, but I believe that there is someone with the same line of thought as me.

  2. Luiza

    It is important that the human being is aware that the presence of water on Earth is much older and may be much older than 135 million years as they believe the scientists, because by that time the solar system was forming.
    Know that the Earth is not the only place where there is water in many places unknown of the universe it exists in abundance, only that the human being has difficulty accepting this, but the presence of water and life in the universe is a reality.
    In own solar system are examples of the presence of water, I refer only to two situations. EUROPE, one of Jupiter’s moon, which in my opinion should be considered Planet, because it has these characteristics of a planet, the other example is a Planet Mars that in your past / recent had LIFE., Which I think is absolutely possible and real.
    Steamed discovery of water on exoplanets newly discovered brings even more strength to my opinion, more if these planets are in the so-called habitable zone.
    These planets may not have the features that the Earth has, but contain water in various forms, and may be able to support LIFE, being habitable or INHABITED without it we are aware, due to their characteristics
    This reality must be faced by the researchers, because there are strong possibilities in this direction, which should not be overlooked.
    Water vapor presence goes to show that WATER is present throughout the universe in many ways. This can never be ignored because it is a factor that can determine the presence of LIFE, in many ways, and it exists only that the Human Being, is not aware of it.
    Another issue that many are unaware of the comets and asteroids and meteors are WATER carriers in the form of ICE, not forgetting that, as a proof that the WATER IS THIS AROUND THE SPACE PLACE
    Discovery of exoplanets in Habitable Zones, brings even more credibility to my opinion, because the more we discover more believe that one day we will be surprised by the presence of a world where it exists LIFE, or the presence of water, an essential element to the development of Life we should never deny that possibility, no way, to be a very credible thing now than it was 10 years ago
    It is important that the Human Being believe it mentalize the possibility of having other solar systems like our own spread in our galaxy or other galaxies of this universe constantly evolving containing similar planets or perhaps equal to Earth, having water in liquid or Frozen with conditions for LIFE development as we know it.
    We must accept this as a possible reality.
    At present we have means that allow us to make a very deep drill, we have a great Planets Hunter KEPLER, which has in revealing that there are thousands of planetary systems with very different characteristics, orbiting very diverse types of stars, and binary or not, being located in habitable or not areas in various parts of our galaxy, or beyond.
    The human being has to be realistic Planetary Systems will be found, and and many of them can be life, we must be patient intensifying its search never giving up, because life on Earth is doomed as a result of deep Climate change and not only has many other factors which must not be excluded.
    In these systems Planetary exists, the presence of water, it is not exclusive Earth, much less the Solar System.
    There is a question to be considered, which may be present in types of planets that may be located in areas Livable of planetary systems they are located.
    These Worlds, may not have the features that the Earth has, but may contain water under diverse forms, which can give the possibility to support LIFE, being habitable or INHABITED without it we are aware, due to its characteristics, its location.
    The human being must believe that is not unique, and never has been and that comes from a Master Race of Stars.
    No doubt a much more advanced civilization that the Earth, in this sending impulses, communication long ago.
    However we do not realize this fact, although evidence to that effect, that because now we have technology that allows us to realize this, only than we can still do, though there is a glimpse accordingly
    I truly believe with conviction, that one day we will be surprised with a contact signal containing a message that we will be headed.
    The human race must ever been alone in this vast universe, I say this because descended from 5 Original Breeds who came to colonize the Earth in the distant past.
    The aliens are just like us, only to have a much higher intelligence that human have with extraordinary abilities.
    They are never monsters as certain directors of Scientific Fiction Films do believe, instilling in the minds of human fear with this absurd monstrosities that do not exist. The same attitude has religions, whatever they may be and that is extremely negative.
    This kind of thinking is absolutely destructive, because the aliens are just like us, having the possibility to be more developed genetically evolved in all aspects, with its extraordinary intelligence which certainly have.
    Many claim convinced of unhealthy way that we are descendants of God, absurd authentic, because God there is never a character created by man, as a way to guide his own conscience before their actions your thoughts.
    Researchers seek almost incessantly Particle Call Higgs boson, the beginning of the universe, or better known as God particle
    I have two opinions regarding this issue, I know that will not be accepted, and even criticized, but it is my opinion, is my thinking.

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