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CosmosUp | October 28, 2020

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The 5 Weird Planets You don’t Want Ever to Visit

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 (Note: Pluto is technically no longer classified as a planet). Do not let the picture fool you; this is not a winter wonderland. Pluto is an extremely cold world where frozen nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and methane blanket the surface like snow during most of its 248 year plutonian year.

These ices have been transformed from white to a pinkish-brown due to interactions with gamma rays from deep space and the distant Sun.

On a clear day the sun provides about as much heat and light as a full moon does back on earth. With Pluto’s surface temperature of -378 to -396 F (-228 to -238 C) your body would freeze solid instantly.


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  1. Laurel Kornfeld

    Please add Pluto your graphic of the solar system planets at the top of this page.

  2. Laurel Kornfeld

    Pluto is still considered a planet by many planetary scientists.

  3. Lyle

    What is you wore a hat on Pluto? Would that help? LOL

  4. Tomcat

    Pluto is a dwarf planet. And at approx 70% the size of our moon it could be considered a dwarf moon since it orbits around its own moon and sometimes it’s moon orbits around it

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