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CosmosUp | August 14, 2022

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5 Cool Rare Natural Phenomena You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

November 3, 2014 |

A lot of what we see in the natural world is taken for granted. Sure, we may marvel at the occasional sunset, or check out some neat clouds every once in a while, but for the most part, the amazingness of the world around us tends to go unnoticed. And that’s a shame, because if you know where to look, you’ll see that nature can do things way more impressive than sunsets or clouds. For example: Read More


5 Weird Physical Phenomena

November 1, 2014 | 1

Physicists have figured out some extremely fine details of the universe, from the radius of black holes to the behavior of subatomic particles neither of which we can even see. It may surprise you to learn, then, that they lack explanations (or have only recently stumbled upon them) for many common phenomena we observe in daily life. As you’ll learn in the following pages, some of the most mysterious things of all may be those that, on the face of it, seem mundane. Read More

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