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CosmosUp | August 14, 2022

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Gravitational Waves

Why Gravitational Wave Discovery Matter?

February 19, 2016 |

Last week, a teeny, tiny, unimaginably small little blip made headlines everywhere. That blip was humanity’s first direct evidence of gravitational waves, and the whole world freaked out about it. Read More

Breakthrough Discovery: Scientists Have Finally Detected Gravitational Waves

February 12, 2016 |

WE DETECTED GRAVITATIONAL WAVES…. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… two black holes collided in a fateful swirling waltz. Just like when you toss a rock into a pond and it creates ripples on the surface of the water, this collision sent ripples through the fabric of space time. Read More

Epochal: Scientists May Have Finally Found Einstein’s Gravitational Waves

February 10, 2016 |

An elite team of American astronomers may have finally proved the existence of the elusive gravitational waves, the ripples of space and time predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago, in 1916. Read More

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