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CosmosUp | January 27, 2022

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Black knight: An Alien Satellite Orbiting Earth?

May 3, 2016 | 2

Legend has it that there is a mysterious, ancient dark object orbiting Earth for quite some time now. Its origin and purpose are incomprehensible, named the Black Knight this 13K years old subtle satellite has supposedly been transmitting signs towards the Earth for over 50 years now. Read More

NASA Releases Bizarre ‘Moon Music’ Heard by Apollo 10 Astronauts In 1969

February 23, 2016 |

NASA has just released unearthed recordings of the moment that the Apollo 10 astronauts Eugene Cernan and John Young heard mysterious sounds while flying around the far side of the moon 47 years ago (May 1969). Read More


Former NASA Expert Says He Saw Nine-Foot Alien On Space Shuttle

March 30, 2015 |

A former NASA engineer claimed that he saw a nine-foot tall alien on his 1991 space mission. The UFO conspiracy theorist claimed to have been NASA’s engineer for 35 years and insisted the story of super-size humanoid making contact with colleagues was true. Read More

5 Bizarre Space Conspiracy Theories about Our Solar System

January 18, 2015 | 3

Strange conspiracy theories about UFOs and aliens are something we are all used to at this point—they have certainly been going strong at least since the infamous Roswell incident. While most of these theories generally stayed on the fringe throughout history, the Internet has brought many of them to the forefront of the modern consciousness. As you might imagine, many conspiracy theorists have trouble agreeing on what exactly it is the government is hiding from us, and just what the intentions of our secret alien overlords are. Read More

Former Nasa Employee Claims She Saw “Humans Walking on Mars”!

December 26, 2014 |

In a recent development that Hollywood could only hope for, a former NASA employee is claiming that there was a secret manned mission in the 1970s, and that the space agency covered it up. The woman, identified only as “Jackie,” said she was part of the team monitoring the Viking Lander expedition in 1979, and that she saw human figures on Mars. Read More

5 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories That Tried To Prove Aliens Exist

October 13, 2014 | 2

Is there life elsewhere in the universe? It’s becoming increasingly likely that life must exist somewhere out there, but theories on aliens closer to home have ranged from misguided to idiotic. Read More

Did a Meteorite Hit the Capital of Nicaragua?

September 15, 2014 |

A mysterious explosion that rocked Nicaragua on Saturday night, creating a 39ft-wide (12 metre) crater, appears to have been caused by a small meteorite. And authorities in the region believe the meteorite was in fact a shard of rock from the 2014 RC ‘pitbull’ asteroid that soared past Earth over the weekend. Read More

UFO-Landing Site? A Giant Hole Baffles Scientists

July 16, 2014 | 1

A huge but mysterious crater spotted in a remote Siberian land ironically known as the “End of the World” has scientists scrambling for answers: Was it a meteor? Was it a weapon? Was it an explosive sign of global warming? Or even a UFO-landing site? Read More

Chilean Government: Official Report Claiming ‘Genuine UFO’ Seen

July 10, 2014 |

Each year, there are several, if not hundreds, of UFO sightings. But these sightings are rarely corroborated and verified by an agency to be authentic UFOs. Read More

The Most Famous Conspiracy Theories of All Time

May 29, 2014 |

Space conspiracy theories make for great science fiction material. They have inspired a host of scripts in international cinema, novels, as also the formation of cults and communities of pseudoscience enthusiasts with ideologies based on supporting these theories. Without trying to prove or disprove them, let us dive into the paranoid and bizarre, but very intriguing realm of the most famous space conspiracy theories of all time. Read More

UFO Found On Moon? The Object That Stunned The Experts

February 9, 2014 | 2

Recently, on the Moon was located a mysterious triangular object, so far, researchers know nothing about it origin. It has on the edge rows of seven points of light, it can be even an ufo, some believe. Read More

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