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CosmosUp | October 3, 2022

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Space Facts The Sun

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The Sun has a very strong magnetic field:
Solar flares occur when magnetic energy is released by the Sun during magnetic storms, which we see as sunspots. In sunspots, the magnetic lines are twisted and they spin, much like a tornado would on Earth.

The temperature inside the Sun can reach 15 million degrees Celsius:
At the Sun’s core, energy is generated by nuclear fusion, as Hydrogen converts to Helium. Because hot objects generally expand, the Sun would explode like a giant bomb if it weren’t for its enormous gravitational force.

The Sun generates solar wind:
This is a stream of charged particles, which travels through the Solar System at approximately 450 kilometres per second. Solar wind occurs where the magnetic field of the Sun extends into space instead of following its surface.

Source: Space-Facts.

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  1. SUN

    By fusion, the sun “burns” about 564 million tons hydrogen per second, resulting in 559,7 million tons of helium. The loss of mass, about 4,3 million tons per second…

  2. FSL

    Facts!!!! By whom and what authority…. By what scientific method are these assumptions,claims derived

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