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CosmosUp | October 3, 2022

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Space Facts The Sun

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Size Of The Sun
Radius, diameter & circumference

The sun is nearly a perfect sphere. Its equatorial diameter and its polar diameter differ by only 6.2 miles (10 km). The mean radius of the sun is 432,450 miles (696,000 kilometers), which makes its diameter about 864,938 miles (1.392 million km). You could line up 109 Earths across the face of the sun. The sun’s circumference is about 2,713,406 miles (4,366,813 km).
Facts The Sun: The size of the sun 
Mass and volume

The total volume of the sun is 1.4 x 1027 cubic meters. About 1.3 million Earths could fit inside the sun. The mass of the sun is 1.989 x 1030 kilograms, about 333,000 times the mass of the Earth. The sun contains 99.8 percent of the mass of the entire solar system, leading astronomers Imke de Pater and Jack J. Lissauer, authors of the textbook “Planetary Sciences,” to refer to the solar system as “the sun plus some debris.”

Yellow dwarf

It may be the biggest thing in this neighborhood, but the sun is just average compared to other stars. Betelgeuse, a red giant, is about 700 times bigger than the sun and about 14,000 times brighter. The sun is classified as a G-type main-sequence star, or G dwarf star, or more imprecisely, a yellow dwarf. Actually, the sun — like other G-type stars — is white, but appears yellow through Earth’s atmosphere.

This artist’s illustration compares the sizes of the sun and a red giant star. The red giant has more than 5 solar radii.
Credit: © Paul Beck (KU Leuven, Belgium)
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  1. SUN

    By fusion, the sun “burns” about 564 million tons hydrogen per second, resulting in 559,7 million tons of helium. The loss of mass, about 4,3 million tons per second…

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    Facts!!!! By whom and what authority…. By what scientific method are these assumptions,claims derived

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