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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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SERPO: The Top Secret Project (Fact or Fiction)?

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SERPO: The Top Secret Project (Fact or Fiction)?

Recently, I received an email from a reader of our site. This “Anonymous” reader asked me to write about a story almost sf, a story about a project called SERPO. So, I will forward the email content (I found it quite interesting)

SERPO Project is the name of a top-secret exchange program which suppose the cooperation between the U.S government and an extrasolar planet called SERPO (a planet of Zeta Reticuli). Details on this cooperation program appeared in several stories of UFO conspiracy theory, such as the 1983 incident in which a man, Sergeant Richard C. Doty from the U.S. Army, contacted an investigative journalist (Linda Howe). He provides her with evidence of this program for HBO documentary “ET factor”. Another incident is that from 2005, when a series of e-mails were sent to a discussion group led by Victor Martinez.

The first mention of the “SERPO project” was made ​​into a list of emails mentioned by the researcher Victor Martinez. Different versions of this conspiracy theory circulated later on the serpo site. According to the most common version of the story: an alien survived the well-known Roswell UFO incident. He had been detained by U.S authorities but they treated him well. After a while, the alien contacted his planet and then he was repatriated. The story claims that this incident has led to a kind of relationship between the U.S government and the aliens on that planet.

Some says that the alien comes from a planet from a binary star system called Zeta Reticuli. The Zeta Reticuli has a very well known history in ufology (e.g the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill). It seems that in Zeta Reticuli’ system – live an alien race called “gray aliens”.

But this almost SF story doesn’t stop here. It is claimed that 12 U.S soldiers had visited the SERPO planet between 1965 and 1978. This planet is located at a distance of about 37 light years from Earth. It’s lighted by two suns and it’s smaller than Earth but with an atmosphere similar to “ours”. However, the radiation level from the SERPO is much higher than on the Earth. Aliens on SERPO have no leaders or government and live in small communities. On the planet live about 650,000 beings.

Location of ζ Reticuli (circled)

Location of ζ Reticuli

American’s soldiers remained on SERPO until 1978, after that, 8 of them were returned to Earth. Two have died on the planet but other two decided to stay there. All eight soldiers who returned home eventually died because of unbearable radiation on SERPO.

A statement from the author of this site (about SERPO)

I always liked the “aliens stories”. Once, I even believed that somewhere in this huge universe they could live. But as I grew up I started to refuse the existence of some smarter beings (I can’t argue why) but the fascination for these stories still exist somewhere in me.


  1. Adam

    The SERPO thing does seem like so many fairy-tales. But, rest assured, the aliens are real and they’re here. What’s more obscure are their motivations for paying so much attention to our species and history.

    • mike

      Aliens don’t want to pay taxes. Believe me, no aliens are here because of the I.R.S.

  2. Daniel

    Belief aside, at least you have some facts straight LOL
    There have been quite a few instances of cooperation, to my knowledge, between us humans and outside entities. I also like to read stories of this type, good job on summarizing.

  3. We are informed that we have been discovered, studied & visited by several ET groups form our local universe and that it is not a friendly visitation. There is enough evidence that we are being visited.
    Another group of ETs, who call themselves the allies of humanity have sent us a report of the ET visitation and it reveals their hidden intentions & plans for us and our world and how to protect our world form outside threats.

  4. videsh jeena

    We’ve been hearing of UFO’s and visitations for decades. Roswell, etc. Cooperation between the US govt and an alien specie appear on this forum. So if visits have occurred, most, if not all governments must be acutely aware of the existence of these beings. Why is only now (2013) that a S American govt, Chile, if I’m right, are setting up a body to investigate this phenomenon.
    There definitely is life out there, in various stages of development. We will locate some or many in twenty years or so. I do not believe any govt is in direct contact with them. At best they must be in awe of them.

  5. Alex Sierra

    Who do we think we are? The kings and only one owners of the universe? The day will come and all the truth will spread like a virus…..there are many races and many worlds outside. And yes, they have visited us before, they are visiting us now and they will be doing it in the future…hint for the non-believers: their ships can be invisible if they want so…you can laugh all you want now but I will laugh of you in less than 10 years….

  6. alain vermeersch

    I have not te be convinced about the ufos , 50 years , i saw a very big one , perhaps 5km in diameter , and since then I only hope , to see another

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