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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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Rare Phenomenon In The Solar System, What Has Cassini Photographed?

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Rare Phenomenon In The Solar System, What Has Cassini Photographed?

Cassini has made unique photographs, it captures the hexagon, a strange formation present at one pole of Saturn. The diameter of the “hexagon” is 30,000 miles.

“It is the first time when the images, that capture this formation, were processed in several color filters”, said The Daily Galaxy.

This formation is present at the north pole of the planet. Inside the formation called “the hexagon”, the wind blows up with a colossal speed about 322 kilometers per hour, the center of this sttrange formation is aactually a very powerful storm. Scientist say that the Weather conditions in the “hexagon” are extremly, it isn’t present on any other planet in our solar system.

NASA specialist Andrew Ingersoll -California Institute of Technology, Pasadena (USA)-, said that this storm may takes even several centuries, so it’s a completely unusual phenomenon for us. Experts in the field believe that the stability of this phenomenon is caused by the fact that in Saturn does not exist a solid relief forms , the planet being gaseous one.

With a very simple model, we have been able to match many of the observed properties of the hexagon,

study lead author Raúl Morales-Juberías said.

Since 2012, the Sun began to shine the interior of Saturn, so the images obtained so far are spectacular. Cassini mission has photographed this phenomenon for 10 hours using high resolution cameras. Inside of it, there are several vortices rotating in the opposite direction towards “hexagon”. The largest of these vortices have a diameter up to 3,500 kilometers.

Inside the hexagon, there are fewer large haze particles and a concentration of small haze particles, while outside the hexagon, the opposite is true,

said Kunio Sayanagi.

The hexagonal jet stream is acting like a barrier, which results in something like Earth’s Antarctic ozone hole.

You can wathch this video about “hexagon” for more details:


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