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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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New ‘Ghost Particle’ may Prove the Existence of Alien Life

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New ‘Ghost Particle’ may Prove the Existence of Alien Life

Time and again we come across movies that talk about aliens, but now its researchers who have claimed through their latest discovery. Researchers at the University of Sheffield and University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology have discovered an oddly microscopic structure in the outer reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere, which hints at the existence of alien life.

An image of the “ghost particle,” described as looking like a chiffon scarf and having the width of a human hair, is being published for the first time. The particle has been dubbed “ghost particle” because of its wispy appearance which resembles a “wisp of smoke” when viewed under a microscope.

The particle was discovered by Professor Milton Wainright and his team in dust and particulate matter collected from the stratosphere, the outer part of our atmosphere.

GHOST PARTICLE: The picture proof that shows aliens ARE out there

GHOST PARTICLE: The picture proof that shows aliens ARE out there

Researchers now speculate this ghost particle found in space also has biological processes that allow this living balloon to inflate when air passes through it. Its structure allows the balloon to float around in the air and even in low Earth orbit.

Researchers believe its natural state could be in an inflated or puffed up form unlike any living creature on Earth.

Wainwright also adds the particles appeared on sampling stubs in the most pristine state and wasn’t contaminated by pollen, dust or any pollutants. Scientists still don’t know how this balloon was lifted from Earth and how it filters out dirt or pollution particles originating from the planet.

“Unless a means of lifting them from Earth exists which selectively sieves them out from other Earth-derived debris then they must be incoming from space.

He continued that they also produce tiny dents we call impact craters when they land on the sampler so there is almost no doubt of their space origin.

“If our findings are true they will forever alter our view of life and particularly evolution on Earth and we will need to rewrite of our biology textbooks. It is an amazing discovery and the evidence is overwhelming that these organisms have originated from outer space,” said Wainwright.

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, who also worked on the experiment said, “We are starting to find diatoms in space, mixed up in debris in the stratosphere.” Diatoms are a major group of algae, and one of the most common types of phytoplankton. “The evidence points towards theories that complex living organisms are falling from the skies to Earth,” he added.

Bottom line: Wainright and his colleagues, including Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, are pioneers of the new field of astrobiology. They are also proponents of a theory called panspermia, which posits that life on Earth came from space.


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  1. theb

    Then, perhaps, are there fossils or life expressions elsewhere? Isn’t the emergence
    and maintenance of life a process of radical contingency? That is, is a unique and unrepeatable past totally necessary? Or does life emerge through space like mushrooms when some conditions are present? So, how many conditions are necessary: three, four, trillions, infinite? Only one, the ghost particle, water, carbon or any sort of God? Is God the word that means infinite conditions, absolute necessity? Anyway, how did the life that emerge in a given conditions resist when switching to a different moment? How does life resist time itself, the effects of entropy? But, is it possible for human beings to recognize a simpler life than their own brain only? On the other hand, beyond likeness, is it possible to recognize a complex thing than human brain, is this the extra-terrestrial life that some people are searching unsuccessfully? However, is there an origin of life or would it be as finding a cut in the material history of the universe, an infinite void that human language patches now?

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