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CosmosUp | August 14, 2022

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Jupiter “Devoured” A Planet 10 Times Earth masses

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Jupiter “Devoured” A Planet 10 Times Earth masses

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and that’s because billions of years in the past it has swallowed up a planet 10 times Earth masses, said researchers from the University of Peking.

This hypothesis started from an anomaly of this planet: the core is extremely small compared to the huge size of Jupiter. In more accurate data, Jupiter is about 120 times larger than Earth, yet the core of the planet is, in the best case, 10 times larger than Earth. Chinese scientists are convinced that it was vaporized in a terrifying collision that occurred shortly after the birth of our solar system.

Heavy elements inside that primordial Jupiter as metals were vaporized at the time of impact and then mixed up with the hydrogen and helium in the atmosphere of the planet. This would be the reason why Jupiter’s atmosphere is so dense. Another Studies show that the planet Saturn was born in a similar manner.

The rocky body flattened like a pancake when it hit the gas giant, then barrelled into its core

It is believed that all solar system’ planets were born in this way: impact between dwarf planets then melted together and formed larger planets.

The Earth and Moon are the result of a gigantic collision between two planets the size of Mars and Venus. The collision took place in less than 24 hours and the temperature of the Earth was so high (7000ยบ C), that both rock and metal melted.

Scientist paper:


  1. David

    Who on Earth is responsible for writing these articles! Please, for God’s sake do us all a favour, go back to school and learn some grammar and proof read before you publish! It will make your blog posts more interesting, not least of which, believable.

    • Michele Rmeo,M.S.

      Thank you, my thought exactly!The grammar is awful…..hope no one in outer space is reading these reports.


  2. Dear publisher. This article is so full of abused language it’s damn near incomprehensible. Please shell out the minimal cash necessary for a basic proofread before you publish. This kind of writing makes your organization appear foolish.

  3. Sheli Beasley

    Puhleeez, if u cannot afford a proof reader for your articles, try an elementary school kid, they probably come free or at least cheap!! This COULD be a very interesting site if we could figure out what it is you are trying to write.

  4. Anthony

    Just a quick word in support of all prior comments regarding the assassination of the English language through inappropriate use of grammatical rules of punctuation. The credibility of your blog has to be a priority to all who are involved during the drafting and editing of your final piece. The concept behind your blog posts are not in question. The presentation of your articles must be treated with careful consideration. It is afterall, “your bread and butter.” I feel like I have just read an elementary school students paper.. A d+ student in need of a tutor. Get it together people!!

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