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CosmosUp | October 28, 2021

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Interesting Facts About Brown Dwarfs

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Types of Brown Dwarfs

There are basically four major types of brown dwarfs, as per the spectral classification. These are known as spectral class M, spectral class L, spectral class T, and spectral class Y.

The type M is characterized by a spectrum dominated by the bands of titanium(II) oxide (TiO) and vanadium(II) oxide (VO) molecules. An example of M brown dwarf is Teide1.

The spectral class L, on the other hand, is characterized by strong metal hydride bands (FeH, CrH, MgH, CaH) and alkali metal lines (Na I, K I, Cs I, Rb I) in its spectrum. L dwarfs are usually dark red in color.

Spectral class T is also known as ‘methane dwarfs’, as its spectrum is dominated by methane. SIMP 0136 is a T brown dwarf.

As far as the spectral class Y is concerned, it lacks a well-defined spectral sequence. The Y dwarfs are usually cooler than the T dwarfs. WISE 1828+2650 is a Y dwarf, and is the coolest known brown dwarf.

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