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CosmosUp | May 31, 2023

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Huge Amounts Of Water Vapor Were Discovered In The Constellation Hydra

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Huge Amounts Of Water Vapor Were Discovered In The Constellation Hydra

A team of European researchers has announced the discovery of a huge accumulation of water’ vapor beyond our solar system.

Using the European Observatory Herschel, researchers have observed water’ vapor which coming from the ice deposited around dust particles surrounding a star 176 light years.

Water vapor – which could easily fill thousands of oceans like those on Earth – could give “birth” the surfaces of water of young planets, as it is believed that happened 4.5 billion years ago on Earth.

“Scientists long suspected that there are such water reservoirs in the outer regions of the planetary disc … now, theory becomes considerably stronger”, said astronomer Michiel Hogerheijde (Observatory Leiden, Netherlands).

The discovery not only explains the origin of Earth’ water, but also indicates that it is likely that outside our galaxy could be more Earth-like planets.


  1. WiseAs

    Based on the name, you’d think that would be the first place to look for water 😉

    • dennis walker

      may be some story behind how it got that name

  2. Abdelkrim

    Interesting discovery. The question now is if the EOH is able to see water formation around a start that is 176 light years away presumably relying on strong vapor’s spectroscopy signals, why is this evidence no so abundantly available from close by celestial bodies .. etc. ?

  3. dennis walker

    cool stuff me loves outer space and science.

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