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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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Fascinating Planets Outside The Solar System

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Fascinating Planets Outside The Solar System

Since I was a child I liked the stories about other worlds, other planets. I always imagine another “Earth” full of extraterrestrial life …. When I grew up, I started to follow, particularly, all news about the discovery of new exoplanets.

Every time it was announced that they discovered a new exoplanet, I immediately fully documented about that planet ….. Therefore, gathering all the possible information about all exoplanets, I’ll start write about a “top 10 fascinating exoplanets”. This Article is very big, so, today, I will mention only two exoplanets and, in the future, I’ll fill up the top. So let’s begin.

The oldest exoplanet

Fascinating Planets: Methuselah exoplanet, exoplanet, oldest planet, PSR B1620-26 b

PSR B1620-26 b -Methuselah planet – (discovered on May 30, 1993, attested on July 10, 2003)

PSR B1620-26 b, nicknamed “Methuselah” after the famous biblical character who had lived nearly a thousand years, is the oldest exoplanet discovered…. having the age of 13.1 billion years. Considering that the universe is older with 700 million years as this planet, so, it is possible that PSR B1620-26 b even hold the absolute record for the oldest existing planet.

This astronomical body was discovered in the center of a “globular cluster“. Based on what we know about the formation of planets, they are born shortly after the star which they orbit around it, so, if the star’s exoplanet is as old as the universe, then the planet that orbits it is characterized by a similar age.

“Methuselah” was recognized as a planet only in 2003, it confirmation was great news for planet-hunters, reason? If planets could form as soon as the stars immediately after the Big Bang, then the universe abounds of such astronomical bodies waiting to be discovered.


Exoplanet covered by lava

Fascinating Planets: exoplanet,COROT-7b

COROT-7b (discovered on 3 February 2009)

European astronomers was discovered, using the satellite COROT, a strange exoplanet, it’s believe that this planet is the smallest terrestrial planet ever detected outside the Solar System. The amazing planet is less than twice the size of Earth and orbits a Sun-like star. it’s located just 475 light years from Earth. It orbits its star once every 20 hours. It is located very close to its parent star, and has a high temperature, between 1000 and 1500°C.
Researchers claim that the exoplanet, named COROT-Exo-7b is not yet even the most pleasant place to visit. Although at first glance, water exists on Exo-7b, it is located into a borderline state between gas and liquid because of the huge mass of lava that covers this celestial body.
What is very interesting about this planet is the possibility of Exo-7b have been a frozen planet who migrated through its own solar system, transforming in time through heating, into a huge water planet.


  1. Juan Buitrago

    Really interesting article, hope to see the rest of it soon!

  2. shaweeamo

    Dude, at least have someone proofread this before posting it. It’s supposed to be a scientific article, right? Don’t let it read like you wrote it via text-message.

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