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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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Earth May Have Black Holes

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Earth May Have Black Holes

They are impossible to notice, but scientists are convinced that they exist. Black holes are kind of breaks in the textile of space and time that they attract everything that is close at hand. So, nothing escapes, not even light. Scientists believe they have found the specific features of these holes here on Earth, in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

Some of the largest vortex in the region are equivalent with the mysterious black holes in space from a mathematical perspective, say researchers at ETH Zurich and the University of Miami. These huge vortex are so well surrounded by circular water ways that anything caught in them does not escape. Additionally, in recent times, it seems that their number is growing.

Scientists believe that these oceanic’s formations might moderate the negative impact of melting sea ice. But until now, scientists could not quantify the impact since the limits of these vortex remain a mystery.

Now, George Haller (a professor at ETH Zurich) and Francisco Beron-Vera (University of Miami) they think that they have succeeded to unravel the mystery. Using mathematical models, they isolated these eddy currents from a series of satellite observations. They have accomplished this by detecting the edges that revolve and have discovered that, in fact, they were indicators that demonstrate the existence of whirlwind inside.

Unexpectedly, these eddy currents have been shown to be mathematically equivalent to black holes. At a critical distance, a light beam is no longer spirals inside the black hole that bends and returns to its original position, forming a circular orbit.

Mathematicians have been trying to understand such peculiarly coherent vortices in turbulent flows for a very long time

explained Haller.

Their results are expected to help in resolving a number of oceanic puzzles, ranging from climate-related questions to the spread of environmental pollution patterns.


  1. Glowellx

    Exactly what are they saying? That black holes are causing vortexes on the earth?
    I have a question, do all black holes spin? Does the black hole in the center of galaxies spin? If not is the gas cloud that’s falling into our black hole going to make it spin?

    • TheGiant

      “Some of the largest vortex in the region are equivalent with the mysterious black holes in space from a mathematical perspective”….
      It’s mean that this vortex are resemble black holes form mathematicals perspectiv (maybe this is the only one similarity between them)…. further….. if a black hole describe some mathemtical equation/form…… on earth we may find a vortex that discribe the same equation !

      • Glowellx

        Thanks for the info I understand what you mean.
        Here’s a thought for you, is it possible the dark matter and dark energy, are the byproducts of the mass (plasma) that falls into black holes?

      • TheGiant

        I dont know the answer for this question i even think that nobody know ….. but i believe that black holes absorbe everything even the dark matter ….. but i cant demonstrate that !

  2. Aarti

    Can u explain as how do we look at The Bermuda Triangle, as a worm hole, a black hole or electromagnetic variation region on earth ?

  3. phoomp

    Bit of a sensationalist title, no? Haller and Beron-Vera said the *mathematical equivalent” to black holes … not *actual* black holes. Now the conspiracy theory community is going to start running around with a new doomsday story … “Earth to get eaten up by black holes according to CosmosUP, Haller and Beron-Vera!!!”

    • TheGiant

      Maybe it’s represent 0 interes for you but if you think deeper you will find something intersting about this…. can you explain the link? how it’s possible? it’s just a singular case? a random case?…. alot of quesion rise from this !

  4. Pijush Banerjee

    Nothing unusual as these are Blackhole like.We think BH are something massive in the space with enormous gravitational property that attract everything within its prescribed vicinity,in cases of clouds of gas they fall in to these rotating (due to enormous quantity and gravitational attraction) and the appearances are akin to eddy vortex as we observe in tiny quantity while large quantity of water are released thru storm water draining.These type of eddying are seen in river currents.In the sea the eddies are formed at the surface due to mainly wind and may extend downwards to some extent,but at depth as i understand these are formed due to differences in current gradients/temperature….And yes any ref of these with mythological Bermuda Triangle would be too far fetched.

  5. Pijush Banerjee

    And as i stated these are like Black holes,sharing a small mathematical equivalence in the probability of physical structures and eddying property only that we may say of an ant and an elephant.

  6. Abdelkrim

    What kind of a nonsense is this?

    It’s not funny, call this phenomena on earth whatever you may but not black-holes !!!

    It reflects a silly underestimation of the power of the black-holes ..

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