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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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Earth In 200 Million Years

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Earth In 200 Million Years

Find out about a new supercontinent in the making, called Pangaea Ultima. Previously, there was Ur, then Kenorland, Protopangaea, Nuna, Rodinia, Pannotia, and Pangaea.

The break up of Pangaea beginning around 100 million years ago set the stage for the world we know, with its particular mix of continents and oceans.

Geologists have been able to piece together the history of Earth’s continents by looking at where and when mountain ranges formed, and by studying magnetic signatures that link rocks found in disparate locations.

They have found that plate motions have been accelerating. Over the last two billion years, the rate at which continents have collided or shifted their positions has doubled.

What new patterns are emerging now in the volcanoes and earthquakes that rattle our planet from year to year?

The continents we know today will fragment and recombine as they have in the past. Plants and animals will continue to evolve as they have for hundreds of millions of years. Will mammals dominate the new supercontinent? Or will another life form take over? Will humans still live on Planet Earth?


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