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CosmosUp | September 22, 2023

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The Fascinating Rock-Carved Tombs of Myra: A Glimpse into Ancient Lycia

April 5, 2023 |

Nestled in the heart of the Lycian peninsula in southwest Turkey, lies a city with a rich and fascinating history – Myra. Once a flourishing hub of the Lycian League, Myra was a city of great significance and grandeur. Today, it stands as a testament to the achievements of the ancient civilization that called it home. Read More

How 17 year-old Juliane Koepcke Survived 11 Days Through the Amazon Rainforest

March 1, 2023 |

Survival stories from people around the world are frequently heard, and some of these stories are so captivating that they leave us questioning their plausibility – did it truly occur? Juliane Koepcke’s account of survival is a prime example of such unbelievable tales. Read More

The Third Man Syndrome: What Is It?

February 21, 2023 |

In moments of extreme stress, danger or isolation, some individuals report a strange phenomenon known as the “Third Man Syndrome”. This unusual experience is often described as the sudden appearance of a comforting presence or a reassuring figure, even when the person is entirely alone. Read More

Loving Embrace of a Mother and her Child Lasts for 4,000 years

September 17, 2021 |

An interlocked skeletal remains of a mother and her child have been found by the Chinese archaeologists in a site that dates back to the Bronze Age in Qinghai Province, China in about 2,000 BC. Read More

Natural Wonder and Dream Tales in the Blue Mountains

May 16, 2021 |

Is there anywhere you’re really desperate to visit in Australia? here is your answer. With a blue horizon of eucalyptus trees that appear to stretch on forever, the Blue Mountains is perfect for exploring the best that New South Wales has to offer. Read More

The Legend of Yasuke, An African Slave Became a Samurai

May 15, 2021 | 3

The first foreigner to be a samurai was a 6-foot-tall African who also was one of the first Africans to ever arrive on the island 500 years ago, during the feudal reign of the legendary Oda Nobunaga, the first of the three unifiers of Japan. Read More

DIY: Painting World Map On The Wall

April 11, 2016 | 2

We have a marvelous “DIY world map” from Ronda, shown us how to paint a giant map on a wall. Its very cool and neat and it would look great in your home. Let’s have a look at this great idea. Read More

College Hardship Distributions using a Sample Adversity Notice

November 21, 2014 |

One needs to be definitely careful while drafting a business proposition, as it’s this that is likely to make or crack the deal. Whether it is so you can get economic aid, that loan, or enterprise having a potential consumer; utilising the correct business suggestion format together with the ideal content is advised. Read More

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