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CosmosUp | April 23, 2021

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Awesome Facts about the International Space Station

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16. Some of the shooting stars we see are actually astronaut poop burning up in the atmosphere.

17. The spacewalks can cause astronauts’ fingernails to fall off due to the current glove design.

18. U.S. and Russian astronauts on the ISS have separate water supplies. While the U.S. water uses iodine for bacteria control, the Russian water uses silver. If these substances mix, a silver-iodine precipitate forms in the water, which may clog the sublimator in the NASA EMU spacesuit.

19. Astronauts must have good airflow around them when they sleep, otherwise they, “…could wake up oxygen-deprived and gasping for air, because a bubble of their own exhaled carbon dioxide had formed around their heads.”

20. Astronauts can’t cry in space. Because of the weightless environment, the tears just collect in little balls and sting your eyes.
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  1. Heidi

    I saw an interview with a female leader of the space station about a year ago on YouTube. It was intriguing seeing her float through the space station, showing us all the localities. And really funny her hair all over the place. Made me percieve better what gravity does on earth.

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