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CosmosUp | May 25, 2022

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Awesome Facts About Lightning

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Deadly Facts

 On average, about 200 people are killed by lightning in the United States every year.

The state of Florida holds the title of the “Deadliest State.” There are twice as many lightning casualties as in any other state. 10% of all people struck by lightning were in Florida at the time.

The chance to be killed by lightning is 1 in 2,000.000. You have the same chance dying from falling out of bed.

About 71% of all people struck by lightning survive. The fatal cases are usually the result of cardiac arrest. However, those who survive often suffer from serious health and psychological problems like loss of memory or sensitivity, insomnia, impaired hearing, or constant pain.


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  1. Orion Stallard

    No mention of dark lightning or terrestrial gamma radiation? This is the newest and to me most interesting area of research around lightning. Also, would be interested in hearing if there have been any developments in harnessing and storing the energy produced in electrical storms.

  2. Devendra

    This is new to me, cosmos is awesome.
    Regards, Devendra

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