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CosmosUp | December 4, 2021

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[Infographic]: What Do Astronauts Eat In Space

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Have you ever asked to yourself what do astronauts eat in space? Journey to Mars preparations are becoming a global issue, with millions of people following what NASA and the astronauts on the ISS are doing. Picking up on this hot topic, Labeley’ team created the infographic hoping that many people will be interested in learning how astronauts deal with one of the most important human needs — eating.

This infographic will take you on a journey through the evolution of food in space, show you the challenges of eating in zero gravity, educate you on space food preparation processes and explain why food is such an important factor in keeping the astronauts sane.

Astronauts Eat In Space: Infographic - Evolution of Food in Space

We thank Labeley team for this infograph.

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