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CosmosUp | May 25, 2022

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Astounding Facts You Should Know About Humans

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26. The 3.6 million year old Laetoli footprints, one of the most important finds concerning Human evolution and evidence of upright bipedal walking, was discovered by paleoanthropologist, Andrew Hill, when he dove into the ground during the middle of an elephant dung fight with a colleague of his.

27. Pair of human feet consist of 52 bones and account for 25% of all bones in the body.

28. Lactase Persistence, the ability of humans to digest milk as an adult, is only common among Europeans and those of European ancestry, as a unique mutation. Most of the global population, including 90% of the Asians and 100% of Native Americans, have some degree of lactose intolerance.

29. When the human body is deprived of adequate nutrition, testosterone levels drop, but estrogen levels remain constant, causing a hormonal imbalance and thus create gynecomastia or “man boobs”.

30. Some historians believe that humans developed agriculture, so that they could make more alcohol.

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  1. Caner

    “3. Violence has steadily declined over the course of human history, and we are currently in the midst of the most peaceful era yet.”

    It most certainly did not decline. It evolved. Also decline of the violence in western eyes just an illusion created by the mind of the violent for self preservation.

  2. Edward

    That one about being in space in a vacuum is wrong you would not live till you suffocate you would be dead instantly due to the fact in space the temperature is almost absolute zero which is about -256 degrees Celsius or thereabouts.

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