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CosmosUp | June 1, 2020

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Astounding Facts You Should Know About Humans

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6. The human eye is sensitive enough to spot a candle flame up to 30miles (48 km) away assuming you are standing on a flat earth and are in complete darkness.

7. “There has not been one documented case of any health problem in humans” caused by GMOs.

8. There are currently more than 27 million slaves in the world, more than any time in human history.

9. If humans were capable of hearing frequencies lower than 20 Hz, we would hear our muscles moving.

10. There exists a song composed solely for stress testing auto-pianos, and is not remotely playable by humans. This song is called Circus Galop.

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  1. Caner

    “3. Violence has steadily declined over the course of human history, and we are currently in the midst of the most peaceful era yet.”

    It most certainly did not decline. It evolved. Also decline of the violence in western eyes just an illusion created by the mind of the violent for self preservation.

  2. Edward

    That one about being in space in a vacuum is wrong you would not live till you suffocate you would be dead instantly due to the fact in space the temperature is almost absolute zero which is about -256 degrees Celsius or thereabouts.

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