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CosmosUp | August 14, 2022

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Are We Alone In The Universe?

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Are We Alone In The Universe?

The most recent NASA’s report related to life in the Universe gives hope to those who want to meet aliens one day or to move to another planet.

Just in our galaxy there are at least 8.8 billion planets of the size of Earth, located in the habitable zone. This means that, at least in terms of temperatures, the planets are perfect candidates to the status of “Earth”.

It is the first such calculation done by NASA and the first concrete conclusion since the begining of “hunting planets similar to Earth”.

In the report, published by the National Academy of Science, stipulated that there are more planets similar to Earth than people who live on Earth. As for the chances of life to exist somewhere: “there are 8.8 billion planets similar to Earth just in our galaxy, it’s like the universe would drop the dice“, said one of the authors study, Geoff Marcy, a longtime “planets-seeker”, a professor at the University of California -Berkeley.

The next step is learning more details about the atmospheres of these planets. However, the same researcher admits “if we are alone, why it is so quiet in the Milky Way?”. The question remains, for the moment, unanswered.

The results show that in our galaxy, the Milky Way, one of five star are the same size of our sun, the same color and age, and have planets of the size of Earth, located in the habitable zone, where water, crucial to the existence of life, can be found in liquid form.

If we could travel further into space “probably we will see a lot of traffic jams”, said Bill Borucki, Kepler mission’s leader.

Note: Kepler has identified only 10 planets that are about Earth’s size circling sun-like stars and are in the habitable zone, including one called Kepler 69-c.


  1. Berkowitch

    If humans meet alliens …what humans will doe after the time of the surprise ???? I’m afraid for these alliens !

  2. We are informed that we have been discovered, studied & visited by several ET groups form our local universe and that it is not a friendly visitation. There is enough evidence that we are being visited.
    Another group of ETs, who call themselves the allies of humanity, have sent us a report of the present ET visitation and it reveals their hidden intentions & plans for us and our world and how to protect our world from ET interventions.

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