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CosmosUp | May 25, 2022

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Amazing Space Facts You Should Know About Planets

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11. Neptune holds the record for the strongest winds in our solar system. Scientists have been puzzled at the discovery of wind speeds reaching 2,100 km/h on Neptune.

12. The asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars is not the leftover debris of a destroyed planet as it was previously believed. It is in fact the remains of a planet that never formed due to Jupiter’s mass.

13. The largest scale model of our solar system spans the length of Sweden. The Sun is represented by the largest hemispherical building (Ericsson Globe) in the world in Stockholm.

14. Scientists have found that Jupiter’s massive gravity is perturbing mercury’s already eccentric orbit. They have arrived at four possible end results from this finding: : Mercury will crash into the Sun, Mercury will be ejected from the solar system altogether, Mercury will crash into Venus, or Mercury will crash into Earth in the next 5-7 billion years.

15. Saturn’s moon, Titan, is the only body in our solar system beyond Earth that is known to have liquid on its surface.

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  1. Laurel Kornfeld

    Many astronomers and planetary scientists also consider Pluto-Charon a double planet system since the center of gravity between the two objects lies outside of Pluto.

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