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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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Amazing Images of Futuristic Architecture

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I have always been fascinated by futuristic architecture and seeing as it’s the weekend I was browsing around checking out some amazing designs today.

I have picked out my favorite ten for your perusal – as a bit of a respite from text-heavy lists.

So here you go – ten of the most amazing futuristic buildings – some which are actually in the process of being built or will be built.

Click the images to see a larger version and tell us which one you like the most in the comments.


Khan Shatyr

 The Khan Shatyr is already a reality! It is an immense transparent tent in the centre of Astana – the new capital city of Kazakhstan. It serves as both a cultural center and a place for social interaction amongst the city residents. The climate in Astana is rather harsh with winter temperatures dropping to -35c (-31F).


Nuragic & Contemporary Art Museum

 The Nuragic and Contemporary Art Museum in Cagliari, Italy, ran a competition for the design of their new building. Zaha Hadid architects won the bid with this incredible design which covers 12,000 square meters!

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  1. Jim R.

    A tie between the Lilypad and Dragonfly designs. Enjoy Callebaut’s work.

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