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CosmosUp | September 29, 2020

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Alpha Centauri Bb: The Closest Exoplanet Ever Detected

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Alpha Centauri Bb Statistics

Host Star: Alpha Centauri B
Host Star Type: Orange Dwarf – K Type Main Sequence
Host Star Mass: 90% of Sun
Constellation: Centaurus
Distance from Earth: 4 light years
Planets Detected in System: 1 unconfirmed
Discovery Date: October 2012
Detection Method: Radial Velocity
Exoplanet Type: Super Earth
Mass: 1.13 x Earth
Diameter: Unknown, possibly similar to Earth depending on composition
Distance from host star: 3.7 million miles (6 million km)
Orbital Period: 3.2 days
Atmosphere: Probably tenuous, mostly composed of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide
Temperature: Surface temperatures of around 1200C (2192F)
Gravity: Possibly similar to Earth
Possibility of Life: None
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