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CosmosUp | September 29, 2020

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Alpha Centauri Bb: The Closest Exoplanet Ever Detected

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Alpha Centauri Bb Facts

Alpha Centauri Bb Orbit: Alpha Centauri Bb revolves around its host star at a distance of only 3.7 million miles (6 million km), 10 times closer than Mercury orbits the sun, as a result of its close proximity it takes only 3 days to make one complete orbit.

Alpha Centauri Bb Mass and Radius: Alpha Centauri Bb is estimated to have a mass around the same as that of Earth, its radius is unknown but it is possible it’s around the same size as our own planet.

Alpha Centauri Bb Atmosphere: The planet’s tenuous atmosphere would be mostly composed of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide given off by the planet’s molten lava surface, this atmosphere would constantly be being blasted away by its host star.

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