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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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A New “Hand Of God” Photographed By NASA In Space

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A New “Hand Of God” Photographed By NASA In Space

The result of the combined images obtained by Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Space Telescope NuStar was called by astronomers “Hand of God“.

“We’re not sure if the shape of the hand is an optical illusion”, said Hongjun (University of Montreal). NASA image with “Hand of God” is actually a “snapshot” consequently it isn’t visible, reports Sky News.

Scientists explained that in the image appears Nebula, a huge cloud of interstellar gas, around the neutron star, called PSR B1509-58. Neutron stars are the remnants of gravitational collapse of a massive star and they are very hot. The collapse triggered an explosion of gas and particles thrown into space. Beautiful images taken by NASA is the result of interaction between the particles and gas, result caught by a special camera.

NuStar telescope was launched by NASA in 2012 in space. It has an X-ray device which benefits with a unprecedented resolution, able to explore the universe and especially black holes, so it will help scientists better to understand the evolution of the cosmos.

NuStar is the first space telescope able to create images using cosmic’s X-rays with high energy, the same rays used in medicine to view the skeleton or scanning baggages at airports.

The telescope produces images with a resolution 10 times higher than the resolution of images obtained with current telescopes and will be 100 times more sensitive comparable to its predecessors that works in the same region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

NuStar can capture high energy X-rays even beyond the dust and gases that obstruct observing galaxies, black holes and neutron stars at the center of the Milky Way, the galaxy in which we belong.

Bottom line: NuSTAR’s mission operations center is at UC Berkeley, with ASI providing its equatorial ground station located at Malindi, Kenya. The mission’s outreach program is based at Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, Calif. NASA’s Explorer Program is managed by Goddard. JPL is managed by Caltech for NASA.


  1. katshumanisticmusings

    I can just see how this is going to be twisted by all the religious fundamentalists out there into “Scientific proof that God exists!” When it was just a gaseous nebulae.

  2. RLee

    You said it man. “God is a gaseous nebulae” LOL

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