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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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A giant asteroid could approach the Earth

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A giant asteroid could approach the Earth

Space telescopes, recently activated by NASA, determined the first rock “potentially dangerous” for us. The new asteroid was first locate by Space Telescope NEOWISE and was named 2013 YP139. It is currently about 27 million miles from Earth and has a diameter of 640 meters, according to The Telegraph.

NASA classified it as “potentially dangerous object found near Earth”, it orbit suggesting that may represent a risk for us.

According to The Telegraph, NASA believes that the impact of an asteroid of this size would have a disastrous effect upon the earth. “Chelyabinsk” the meteorite that entered Earth’s atmosphere over Russia last year and injured about 1,500 people, was 16 meters in diameter.

2013 YP139 spins around the Sun in an elliptical orbit. It orbit could bring it to 300,000 miles from Earth, a little more than the distance Earth-Moon.

NEOWISE’s goal is to assist NASA to identify potentially dangerous objects that comes close to Earth.
For now, i do not think you may worry, maybe in the near future, hopefully, by then, we will resolve the issue “threatening asteroids” :).

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