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CosmosUp | August 14, 2022

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6 Fantastic Places That Are Hard To Believe Really Exist

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Quick—are you dreaming right now? How do you know? After all, lots of dreams are pretty mundane, and you spend an awful lot of time reading lists, so it could certainly be that this website seeped into your subconscious. Or, perhaps reality is totally skewed all around you right now, but since your brain effectively turns off its logic circuits while you’re dreaming, you just can’t tell how weird everything is. Well, you’re probably not dreaming. But if you happened to find yourself standing in any one of the following places, you’d have a damn tough time convincing yourself of that. 


Cube Houses Of Rotterdam

Dutch architect Piet Blom is best known for designing this complex in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which he envisioned as a forest with every structure being a tree.

Mr. Blom apparently had a very, very different view of forests than most people.

Built in 1984, the Kijk-Cubus or cube houses are occupied by their owners and used as either homes or business.

One is kept open to the public so it’s well worth a visit.

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