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CosmosUp | March 9, 2021

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5 Weird Physical Phenomena

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It would appeal to logic that chemicals in the process of changing from the solid state to a gaseous state would have to pass through the liquid state before entering the gaseous state.

However, water is capable of transforming straight from a solid into a gas in certain situations. Sublimation may cause glaciers to disappear into thin air as lens-like concentration of sunlight turns the ice into steam.

Likewise, metallic elements such as Arsenic may actually transform directly into a gaseous state when heated, releasing toxic fumes. Water may sublime at temperatures below the melting point upon application of a heat source.


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  1. Adolfo Domínguez

    You stated: “It is not fully understood why, but the phenomenon, known as the Mpemba effect, was originally discovered by Aristotle over 3,000 years ago”. This great man was born in 384 BCE and died 322 BCE. 2015 +384 = 2399.

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