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CosmosUp | September 22, 2023

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5 Ways in Which the Universe Could End

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The Big Bounce

 The Big Bounce is similar to the Big Crunch but far more optimistic. Imagine the same scenario: Gravity slows the expansion of the universe and condenses everything back into one single point. In this theory, the force of that rapid compression is enough to start off another big bang, and the universe starts again.

In this model, things aren’t really destroyed, just “recycled.” Physics doesn’t like this explanation, so some scientists have claimed that perhaps the universe doesn’t go the whole way back to a singularity. Instead, it gets very close and is then repelled by a force similar to the one that repels a ball when you bounce it off the floor.

This “Big Bounce” would be very similar to a Big Bang, and would, in theory, produce a new universe. In this oscillating universe theory, our universe could be the first universe in a series, or it could be the 400th universe. There would be no way to tell.

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  1. Joe T

    Could it be expanding until it merges with the next universe and continue until all universes have joined into one large infinity?

    • TheGiant

      Maybe. …. there are alot of theories …. neither scientist have no ideea of a certain one ….
      So everything remains possibile until it will be excluded!

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