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CosmosUp | August 15, 2022

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5 Unbelievable Natural Eternal Flames You’ve Never Heard Of

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Water And Fire Cave

 Taiwan has some of the most fantastic mud volcanoes and natural springs in the world. Because of the local geology, these mud volcanoes produce methane gas. Near the Biyun Temple there is a place where the burning gas has been named “Water and Fire Cave.”

Yet it is not a cave at all, but a rock face with a spring and a small pool of water, with methane gas bubbling up to the surface. The methane gas bubbles fuel the continuous fire, which gives the appearance of fire burning on rock and from the water.

Though the flames have decreased from their once-prominent three-meter (10 ft) height, they are still impressive. Local history claims the site was discovered by a monk in 1701, meaning this flame has been burning continuously for over 300 years.

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