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CosmosUp | October 3, 2022

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5 SF Projects That Are Becoming Possible Soon

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Suspended Animation

 One of the biggest problems with long-distance space travel is the enormous amount of time it can often take to get just about anywhere. Science Fiction often gets around this by making characters spend the trip in suspended animation.

Scientists think that this is a good idea—and they’re currently trying to unlock the secrets of safely-executed suspended animation. One feasible way to achieve this might be cryostasis (freezing the body). It could get pretty messy, though—current research indicates that safe cryostasis would mean removing the blood from your body or partially replacing it with a chilled saline solution.

Another possible method could be chemically-induced hibernation, which artificially converts you to a cold-blooded creature (this is how a bear sleeps through the winter—minus the chemicals).

It’s thought that humans may already have this inherent ability, and that scientists simply need to find a way of tapping into it.

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  1. Felix Fuentes

    The warp drive propulsion system seems to be awesome. Did they get the idea from alien ships seized by the US government?

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